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Prolific Alt-Country Artist, Podge Lane, Announces Upcoming Single ‘Down’,
Out March 22nd.

Coinciding with Headline ‘‘Sad But Tourable’ UK Dates.

Wielding astute honesty tinged with weightless levity, Podge Lane provides a glimpse into his third studio album with new single ‘Down’ on March 22nd, as he returns to the UK on his ‘Sad But Tourable’ dates. 


An artist renowned for redefining the alt-country genre, Podge Lane remains defiant against the forces that promise to knock him down. Revitalised, Lane injects his signature roots rock stylings with blistering, distorted vocals hinged against experimental electric guitar licks that hint towards a tonal rebirth for Podge Lane. 


Delving a little deeper, Lane expounds; “'Down' is every comment, every criticism made by the people around you, and even by yourself, that makes you think you aren’t good enough. Wrapped in a neat little bow, that was then dipped in paint, ripped up and set on fire.”


Brandishing his influences from country icons John Prine to The Avett Brothers, Lane emerges with ‘Down’ introducing elements of coarse rock twists from artists such as T-Rex and The White Stripes. 


Lane's already expansive catalogue has garnered praise from Golden Plec, Hot Press, The Irish Post, American Songwriter and The Grateful Web, applauding the songwriter for his “ability to flip traditional country tropes on their head with his reflective storytelling and original sound.” 

Embarking on his ‘Sad But Tourable’ UK dates, Podge Lane welcomes audiences to a new sonic era, with the same chaos and comedy for good measure. 


Tour Dates

Fri. March 15 - Oxford @ The TAP Social Movement
Sun. March 17 - Soho, London @ The Spice of Life 
Tues. March 19 - Camden, London @ The Basement Bar, The Green Note 
Fri. March 22 - Norwich @ Anteros Arts Foundation 

“Cork-based singer-songwriter is a serious one to watch combining feel-good energy and vibrant instrumentation with painfully honest lyrics” (Hot Press Magazine).


“You can hear similarities to his contemporaries such as Willie J Healey and Boy Azooga. Yet there is a retrospective element that is subtly Dylan-esque.” (Clunk Magazine)


“Podge has his musical DNA set for him. Blending from his root genres of bluegrass, indie-rock, and country, Podge Lane creates music that will resonate with the listener while having a sound anchored in life. “ (Sinusoidal Music)

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