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Podge Lane set to release sophomore album ‘Common Country Misconceptions’ on March 10th, 2023

Podge Lane has announced his sophomore album Common Country Misconceptions, which is set for release on March 10th, 2023 via Teip Records. Celebrated for melding his country instrumentation within alternative arrangements, Lane has created a rich narrative that flows throughout the 10 track record. 


Explored in his debut album in 2021, Outer Monologues, Lane gave a glimpse into one bad night in the life of the author, ending with the promise of things getting better. Now Lane introduces Common Country Misconceptions and asks us ‘what comes after happily ever after’? As a lifelong fan of country music, Lane listened to the great tales of heroes overcoming evil, winning the loves of their lives and riding off into the sunset. As the credits roll, Lane stays to explore the next chapter. 


With his recent singles off of Common Country Misconceptions garnering attention from IMRO, Hot Press, American Songwriter Magazine, and GoldenPlec, to name a few, Lane’s vivid storytelling is clearly at play throughout the album, with Hot Press commenting ‘it essentially flips the silent country masculine singer trope and turns it on its head.’


Lane explores the common themes of country music and challenges the idea of the ‘happy ending’. Once we find happiness in our lives, we can put so much pressure on ourselves to never feel down again. Lane reminds us in Common Country Misconceptions, that even when your dreams do come true that you are still human, and that’s actually a pretty good thing. 


Lane comments on the album as: “facing the daunting challenge of accepting happiness with the knowledge you have nothing left to blame for your problems.”


The release of the album will coincide with a launch show in Cork’s Winthrop Avenue on March 10th 2023. Beginning on his 2023 Tour, Lane will be performing in Little Whelan’s, Dublin and DeBarra’s Cork supporting US duo Damsel, with album Launch shows in Cork, Dublin and London to follow. 


Common Country Misconceptions Track List


  1. Welcome To Paradise

  2. Paradise 

  3. Battle Wounds

  4. I Can See You In My Dreams (Tonight #27) 

  5. Common Sense

  6. I Wish That I Had Your Life

  7. Too Late

  8. History Repeatin’ 

  9. Change In The Weather 

  10. I Wanna Be There (With You) 

Upcoming Tour Dates

Wed March 1st Mr Bradley's, Cork w/Fireside Sessions

Wed March 8th Little Whelan's ,Dublin*

Thursday March 9th, Debarras Clonakilty*

Friday March 10th, Winthrop Avenue, Cork

*Supporting Damsel

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