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'Snow / Hailstone' Press Release

Podge Lane returns, clad in winter layers, delivering an ode to colder days with his upcoming double A-side release, ‘Snow / Hailstone’ on November 17th via Teip Records.  


Following on from his sophomore album, Common Country Misconceptions, released earlier in 2023, Lane yields his beloved alt-country melodic phrasing to contrast the promise and hopelessness of the winter months. 


‘Snow’ embraces tuneful, country balladry gently complimented by the plucked heartstrings of the banjo, while ‘Hailstones’ ferments jangling, metallic rhythms on the resonator guitar, trudging through each hit of the freezing drops. 


Remarked for his narrative driven songwriting, Lane acknowledges, ‘I wanted to explore the joy and stress that comes during winter in two completely separate tracks. 

‘Snow’ just lets the world stop, like when you were young, nothing else mattered, just watch it, and enjoy it. Whereas with ‘Hailstone’, it’s like the older I’ve gotten I’ve seen more hailstones come out of nowhere, ruining your plans as you try to hide and not get caught in it. 


So, there’s a little something for everyone, if the something you’re looking for is a winter related single, then there’s two of those now!’ 


Rounding off his successful Irish and UK ‘Common Country Tour 2023’, Lane’s double release for ‘Snow / Hailstone’ builds for great anticipation of what's to come from Podge Lane in 2024.

“Cork-based singer-songwriter is a serious one to watch combining feel-good energy and vibrant instrumentation with painfully honest lyrics” (Hot Press Magazine).


“You can hear similarities to his contemporaries such as Willie J Healey and Boy Azooga. Yet there is a retrospective element that is subtly Dylan-esque.” (Clunk Magazine)


“Podge has his musical DNA set for him. Blending from his root genres of bluegrass, indie-rock, and country, Podge Lane creates music that will resonate with the listener while having a sound anchored in life. “ (Sinusoidal Music)

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