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'Too Late' Press Release

'Too Late’ marks the final single to be released from Podge Lane's upcoming album, Common Country Misconceptions. The album is set for release on March 10th, 2023, which coincides with the album launch in Cork's Winthrop Avenue. 

Bursting with passion, 'Too Late' takes inspiration from The Avett Brothers and Nathaniel Rateliff, with twanging banjo hits and Lane's earnest yet witty lyrics, "Pick and choose my words, it's like I'm playing Scabble." Desperation swells through the song, with raw vocals, sharp guitars and a chugging riff burrowing into your ear.

Lane comments on the song, “It’s a song examining your own faults in a relationship and how you can look back on those moments, instead of sweeping them under the rug, and actually talk honestly about them, and learn. I wanted to take the trope of the stoic hero in country music who is strong and silent and show that there’s strength in talking and owning your actions.”


Beginning on his 2023 Tour, Lane will be performing an album Launch show in Winthrop Avenue on March 10th, Little Whelan’s in Dublin and DeBarra’s, Cork supporting US duo Damsel, with further Dublin and London dates to be announced.

“Cork-based singer-songwriter is a serious one to watch combining feel-good energy and vibrant instrumentation with painfully honest lyrics” (Hot Press Magazine).


“You can hear similarities to his contemporaries such as Willie J Healey and Boy Azooga. Yet there is a retrospective element that is subtly Dylan-esque.” (Clunk Magazine)


“Podge has his musical DNA set for him. Blending from his root genres of bluegrass, indie-rock, and country, Podge Lane creates music that will resonate with the listener while having a sound anchored in life. “ (Sinusoidal Music)

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