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Check out some of the things people are saying about Podge (Thats me!)


New Irish Songs To Hear This Week

Simple acoustic instrumentation underlay Podge's vocals on the song, which could have been recorded decades ago judging by the genre-blending 70s jangly sound.

Battle Wounds Artwork .jpg

Brown Green n Rust

With influences such as Johnny Cash, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and alternative country legends Wilco, Podge has his musical DNA set for him. Blending from his root genres of bluegrass, indie-rock, and country, Podge Lane creates music that will resonate with the listener while having a sound anchored in life. 

Press Photo 2 (1).jpg

Podge Lane Returns With Country-Flavoured Gem ‘Battle Wounds’

A piece that’s rowdy and energetic, providing the perfect springboard for the Irish talent’s convoluted vocals, sharing a soothing yet communicative tone. 

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